4 May


I like few kinds of jewelery.  I like sparkly crystal bracelets. I like anklets. I like 3 ring bondage bracelets too. I usually don’t wear necklaces, and rings are annoying. I sometimes wear earrings.  I really like the necklace made out of Scrabble pieces, I wish I would have thought of making that! I would use the letter X in there somehow.

Anyway Doctor-Gus is a jewelry maker, and I found some interesting pieces displayed on his deviantART site if you are into adornments such as this.


I am as comfortable working on the telemetry floor. My work friends listen to my medical analogy diuresis filling the word drainage bag :  Time to go administer the 1700 hour Lasix dose and drop the preload, just as I will drop my own preload in the shower as I vasodilate myself with hot water. 


I don’t want cardioversion!  Just control my rate with beta-blockers!

One Response to “Nerd”

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