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22 Jun

Click here to credit the artist of this piece, from deviantART. (naturally)

Help me, help me. I might be socially inadequate, but I know how to do my job. Try and talk to me outside of my job and I might look like that girl in the picture.


There was one very small spot of blood on the top sheet, and that my friends, is totally unacceptable.


On Bondage

1 Jun

I would love to wear these pink pants and I would still rock that three ring bondage belt if I could get away with it.

This post is not about punk rock pants or sexual bondage. It is about restraints, nursing and patients.

The alcohol withdrawal syndrome (AWS) in the telemetry setting is serious work. I have learned quick that they need to be sedated for safety.

Every RN cries: Restraints!

I think it just makes a bad situation even worse. You can’t strap a raging alcoholic suffering from withdrawal to the bed without the med and expect to deliver safe care. The CIWA-ar worked and I worked it for 12 hours. The night shift nurse was mad at me because I did not obtain a restraint order- for her.