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Love IV

25 Jul

I took this picture on November 17, and here we are in July.

I still need that intravenous Love, 1 gm, STAT.

I had a bad shift yesterday. I was pulled to the princess telemetry floor. They are such prudes! Whatever they say about my telemetry floor, I would rather be with the red headed step child tele nurses any shift.

I am emotional drained from nursing an invisible head wound. I will tell the story, sometime soon. I am just too tired right now.

Nursing: If it were easy, everybody would be doing it.

Love me, love me.

Hootenanny Nurses

20 Jul

Kim over at Emergiblog would love this picture, so would Mother Jones RN, I bet.

“He brought a new song to her heart.” Nice, I wonder what cardiac rhythm we would find that nurse in, if we hooked her up to the telemetry pack. I bet she is running a high sinus tachycardia there. No treatment for sinus tachycardia, treat the cause, remember? What stat treatment does that nurse need?

I have been a lazy nurse blogger again, sometimes it just seems that I get tired of writing the same things over and over again, as the telemetry pack turns, ya know. I have also been a bit distracted, life is not all about beta-blockers, rhythms, and diuretics. I am figuring that all out now, and trying to figure it out before I sign up for school this fall, I have been putting it off for 3 years now, time to giddy up.

I missed the change of shift anniversary edition! I am getting back, I just need some motivation. I am in the mountains right now, in the nice quiet woods. Enjoying the calm, I have a rough week coming up 3 in a row on, 1 off, then 2 on! It is going to hurt. I am bracing for the pain.

I really liked this pain medication equivalents post over here, by Paramedic six letter variable. I found it very soothing.

There are some really awesome nurses on my floor, and there are some really annoying characters. I could complain about night-shift, I could complain about the day-shift and I would hypothesize that every floor in every hospital will be the same.

So what exactly is my deal? I do not know, I have naïve optimism.  I want to work in hospital utopia that might not exist. I like to talk about my patients. I want every nurse on the floor to know what is going on with my assignment, especially if the acuity is high. I am always the nurse saying: you have to come see this, come hear this loud heart murmur, come feel these rice crispies on my patients chest, help me dress this wound. Oh and about the rice crispies I just recently observed subcutaneous emphysema for the first time in three years, not that long ago.

The reciprocal of this is if another nurse verbalizes their patient is very sick, I can not think for that nurse but I will get everything done task orientated so that nurse can think, call the doctor and intervene for the patient.

If my patients are stable I will run the floor all day.

My energy has its limits only to the nurse that has involved me in her messes ever since she transferred to tele nursing from medical nursing. The amazing thing is that she has been a nurse for years longer than myself and yet I still find myself starting her IVs, inserting every NGT, and now even she asks me to assess her patient and placate family members.  I am getting tired of it because every time I ask her for help, she says she is too busy.

Who you work with makes a huge difference. I can not walk past the call bell. If it is your patient and they have to poop, I will toilet that patient. I am not the girl who walks to the nurses station to get you off your lazy ass and tell you: Go toilet your patient, so you can tell me to find the tech! That is more energy-consuming and it will only lower my esteem of people and get me depressed.

I happen to work with two nurses who are super lazy computer nursing nurses. They sit in the nurses station charting all day: charting about what I have no clue because they never appear to be in the rooms with their patients. It all became clear to me last week: some nurses are team players, some are not. There are two who are particularly not and I am getting tired of it.

I am tired of getting lazy nurses patients back in bed after they nearly fall out. Are they ever going to get a clue? Or are they the smart ones? I mean they never help out with any rapid response, why am I high tailing it over to the other side to see if my coworkers need anything, or how can they sit in the nurses station during a potential emergency and just keep charting? And they leave on time. I watch them walk out the door, they never say goodbye.

I will end this post with the positive, they are the hootenanny nurses, and they are super stars. I happen to be one of them! When we rock it out together, the shift flies with ease, and then we go home on time too.

I am not sure what a hootenanny is, but it sounds good.


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