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Love IV

25 Jul

I still need that intravenous Love 1 gm STAT.


Love me, love me.

Hootenanny Nurses

20 Jul

Kim over at Emergiblog would love this picture, so would Mother Jones RN.

“He brought a new song to her heart.” Nice, I wonder what cardiac rhythm we would find that nurse in, if we hooked her up to the telemetry pack. I bet she is running a high sinus tachycardia there. No treatment for sinus tachycardia, treat the cause, remember? What stat treatment does that nurse need?

I have been a lazy nurse writer. I get tired of writing the same things over and over, as the telemetry pack turns over and over.  I have also been a bit distracted, life is not all about beta-blockers, rhythms, and diuretics.

I really liked this pain medication equivalents post over here, by Paramedic six letter variable. I found it very soothing and painless.


I am not sure what a hootenanny is, but it sounds good.