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Eye Pain

22 Feb

My eyes have been hurting and it is not from looking at dirty pictures. Somewhere the will to write got lost and I ended up with a neglected new nurse blog. The poem today was about fairies and Absinthe, my own green eyes and a purse made out of cigar box, but I trashed it as raw and never started over again. I will blame it on the new job and the pursuit of domestic bunny-ship. It might just be the cold weather. Hot chocolate loses its magical comfort a few months in- and I know spring is coming.

I might need reading glasses. I am finding it hard to get into the brain. I have not really tried. I am looking for my get-a-way car but it does not exist.


15 Apr

where is my mind by sboydag

credit the artist by clicking on the picture.

So where is my mind? It is not on studying, that is for sure. I am stuck in a daydream: and the result is this poem about the anatomy and function of the limbic system.

–You are in limbus, on the edge, of the innermost part of my brain.

Please whirl me around, in my limbic system.

Control the emotions, response and hormonal secretion, with your spin.

Kiss my cingulate gyrus and coordinate my sensory input with your emotions.

Tame my aggressive behavior with the whip, in the place, in my brain in between the sulcus, that is superior to my corpus callosum.

Dear love, you are like the body of fornix, you are a sweet arching fibrous band of nerves–connect my hippocampus to my hypothalamus.

Consolidate my new memories of you there.

Touch the horseshoe-shaped thing found in my temporal lobes next to my reflexive amygdala.

I can find you; navigate through space to find my hands in yours.

You fill the space between my ears with the scent of you; it is rising up in my olfactory cortex.

Whisper in my ear–secrete yourself all over my thalamus, that large dual lobed mass will lose motor control as it receives auditory sensations from the sound of your voice.

You are the commotion that motivates and moods my brain.

Reel within my limbic system where we will twirl, in that old mammalian system—————-

As is evident, I am not in the mood to review the neurology section. The limbic system anatomy is surely not going to be on the exam.  I only have 2 more non working days before the test, in true fashion for myself, it can wait till Monday.

I am just a fake poet, it is meant to be amusing.

Things that Smell.

6 Jun

I love the smell of the earth on little children,

That musty dirt smell.

I love the smell of the newspaper after I finish the

crossword puzzle.

I love the smell of clothes

Washed with Tide and fabric softener.

I even love the smell of the Hemodialysis machine

After the Dialysis nurse has cleaned it.

AV Block

12 May

I am not having a dysrhythmia

I have a condition that is caused

By a delay

From the SA

To the AV node

In the end

the electricity goes through


When I see you.

There is no blockage.

I have incomplete heart block.

Flank Pain

9 May

More not so fine art by Jane. This is supposed to be visual poetry, unfortunately the words are hard to read but if you click on the link it may open up to a larger window.

Cardiac Action Potential

9 May

Ready State.



Ready State

Waiting for stimulus

I am negative inside

Stimulation I am stimulated


Depolarize me

Na+ goes in fast

Ca+ going slower

I am more positive

Contraction is expected

from the inner most layer

to the outer most layer.


My channels have to close.

Active transport via

The pump and

we trade Na+ for K+

I am therefore negative





Ready State.


Recover. Continue reading

Renal love

28 Apr

Poetry and artwork by Jane of the Jungle.