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The Invisible Nurse

26 Feb

The invisible nurse that reports for duty when short staffed. 


I Will Always Be ICU New

19 Feb

Lieutenant Diechler on 10 August on discharge from hospital after recovery from bullet wound to abdomen received at Hatcher’s Run in March. From Circular No.6, Surgeon General’s Office, Washington, 1 November, 1865. Tinted lithograph.

It is the three year marker walking the the intensive care unit street. It is a complex mapped obsession of knowing the patient, untangling needs, and anticipating what will happen next. It is persistent vigilance at the bedside.

Your Head in My Hands

9 Dec

The frontal lobe assault! It is that frontal lobe you know, that fucking personality driver! I can do anything for 12 hours.

Hootenanny Nurses

20 Jul

Kim over at Emergiblog would love this picture, so would Mother Jones RN.

“He brought a new song to her heart.” Nice, I wonder what cardiac rhythm we would find that nurse in, if we hooked her up to the telemetry pack. I bet she is running a high sinus tachycardia there. No treatment for sinus tachycardia, treat the cause, remember? What stat treatment does that nurse need?

I have been a lazy nurse writer. I get tired of writing the same things over and over, as the telemetry pack turns over and over.  I have also been a bit distracted, life is not all about beta-blockers, rhythms, and diuretics.

I really liked this pain medication equivalents post over here, by Paramedic six letter variable. I found it very soothing and painless.


I am not sure what a hootenanny is, but it sounds good.


22 Jun

Click here to credit the artist of this piece, from deviantART. (naturally)

Help me, help me. I might be socially inadequate, but I know how to do my job. Try and talk to me outside of my job and I might look like that girl in the picture.


There was one very small spot of blood on the top sheet, and that my friends, is totally unacceptable.

On Bondage

1 Jun

I would love to wear these pink pants and I would still rock that three ring bondage belt if I could get away with it.

This post is not about punk rock pants or sexual bondage. It is about restraints, nursing and patients.

The alcohol withdrawal syndrome (AWS) in the telemetry setting is serious work. I have learned quick that they need to be sedated for safety.

Every RN cries: Restraints!

I think it just makes a bad situation even worse. You can’t strap a raging alcoholic suffering from withdrawal to the bed without the med and expect to deliver safe care. The CIWA-ar worked and I worked it for 12 hours. The night shift nurse was mad at me because I did not obtain a restraint order- for her.



4 May


I like few kinds of jewelery.  I like sparkly crystal bracelets. I like anklets. I like 3 ring bondage bracelets too. I usually don’t wear necklaces, and rings are annoying. I sometimes wear earrings.  I really like the necklace made out of Scrabble pieces, I wish I would have thought of making that! I would use the letter X in there somehow.

Anyway Doctor-Gus is a jewelry maker, and I found some interesting pieces displayed on his deviantART site if you are into adornments such as this.


I am as comfortable working on the telemetry floor. My work friends listen to my medical analogy diuresis filling the word drainage bag :  Time to go administer the 1700 hour Lasix dose and drop the preload, just as I will drop my own preload in the shower as I vasodilate myself with hot water. 


I don’t want cardioversion!  Just control my rate with beta-blockers!