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Pharm Loves Nurse

19 Feb

Unlike the Pharmacist hates nurse there are many times when you just love your pharm. Like the day that you got smart and realized that the decrepit IV compatibility chart hanging in the medication room may not be up to date, so you call your Pharmacist and ask if Heparin and Cardizem can be run through the same intravenous line at the same time and the pharmacist tells you YES, they are compatible!  Wow, you are speechless, and you wonder how long this has been going on, you remember all those patients you laboriously put in that extra line for the Cardizem when your new onset of atrial fibrillation already on heparin starts to get all crazy on the telemetry monitor with a rapid ventricular responsein the 150s. With eternal optimism and happiness of knowing you will not have to do this anymore for these 2 commonly infused medications, the smile is contagious, infectious, and you spread the news around the unit! Whilst some are not excited because they already knew this little compatibility secret, others like you relied on that old outdated chart all ripped with the pen marks tracing heparin an cardizem in the “L” shape meeting at that little blank box that indicated “no data available”….True, no data available probably ten years ago!

Wow…you feel small like a nanocrystalor a quantum dot for not knowing before, but so happy at the same time for the future of infusion giddiness.