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Annoying + Extra Work

21 Jan

One of the most annoying things that happens at shift change is the nurse who looks at the patients lab values and declare that the patient should be in ICU without even looking at the patient themselves, without even assessing the patient for themselves. Sometimes the numbers really look bad and yet the patient is appropriate. Sometimes the numbers look good on paper and yet something is really wrong with the patient. It can be frightening to receive a patient with awful electrolyte imbalances, especially when we anticipate aggressive replacement and retesting etc…but that is our job. I just do not understand if the patients were to be “well” they would not be in our hospital bed!

Zombie Nurse

17 Dec

The Zombie Nurse. She attacked me the other night at the end of my shift. Attacked me with, “Why did you pick me?” and “This group is to much work” and “I am going to be running all night”, and “This patient should be in ICU, (before even assessing the patient)”. Generally making me feel like a stupid jerk for not knowing that complaining was an option. I mean I just go to work and do my job the best that I can. I give it my A gameall day long and to have these Zombie nurses come in complaining and whining for the next thirty minutes when all you are trying to do is pass on the “essential” information is getting annoying.  I am done with verbalizing the whole chart to the next nurse in report, it should just be the “pertinent” information.  I am also tired of getting report from Zombie nurses, the ones who “couldn’t do this or couldn’t do that,” or who talk sooooo slooooow….while they are “yawning”  in your face trying to stay awake.  That just makes me want to run out of report and make sure that the patients are all alive since this Zombie is half asleep already.  It is funny how they complain so much about the work they have to do and yet somehow they find all this time to have their “night shift” parties. They have time to decorate for the holidays and have parties for each other during birthdays or weddings and such. I mean I and other day time nurses barely have time to eat lunch, drink some water or even “pee” if we want to: Assess our patients, continuously intervene, keep up with all the new orders and “now” orders to be done, make sure our patients get to testing and procedures, assess safety after procedures, worry about if the patients got breakfast lunch and dinner plus making sure that they do not get breakfast lunch or dinner if they are “NPO”, explain what the doctor just said, (the one who just left the room while the patient understood zero of what was just said.)  The family members! The night shift nurses tells them “visiting hours are over.” The family members stay with us all day long. (I do not usually mind)  I had this one nurse “freak” and seemingly get her panties in bunches because I left her patient in the chair. The patient was not ready to get back in bed. The patient was a two person “stand by” assist to get back into the bed. The nurse “freaked”. Lo and Behold!! a patient out of bed is unheard of to this particular RN. If I have a patient “in” bed all day I am unhappy! Needless to stay, I stayed over to help the patient back in bed since the nurse taking over seemed to be unable to fathom it.

Honestly we should all work together as a team to have optimal patient outcomes, and I do try. When I get fed up or irritated and start “complaining” I usually feel guilty afterwards.  I understand that it is not easy to work night shift, it is hard on the body and the mind. I think that studies show that the survival rate of code blues during nights and weekends are poorer than  those who arrest during day time hours-the article is here.  I am not “belittling” the night shift nurse, but I feel that the day time nurse is doing a lot more work and the night shift nurse is doing a lot of complaining to me lately.
I think we should have to swing shifts from time to time! A nice walk in my shoes shift.  I just want to be stop being attacked by Zombies as if they “hated” there job and are taking it out on me! “How could you manage doing this all day?” My response is I love my job, my patients need this, and I am into managing chaos! That is why I keep trying to do it better and better every week!

The phone

15 Oct


What do you think this nurse is thinking about?

Doesn’t she look so calm and cheerful?

She is not rushed or hurried. She is calm cool and collected.  That must of been great in those days; that is the olden days before…cell phones.


1 Oct


This is a special post in an effort to say thank you! To the nurses this weekend that helped me as I literally cracked out on Saturday night into tears, I burst into tears, sobbing, hyperventilating even to the point of ridiculousness over…..pillows.


Yes ladies and gents, nurses, and non nurses alike.  I had a melt down over, a pillow.

It was the straw that broke the camels back I guess.


See this camel? Yeah that was me. I saw it coming too because all day my group, or their actually psychotic family members  ran me into the ground.

It was as if nothing I did was good enough.

  • I could not manage pain well enough even with Pain Rx every two hours.

  • I could not answer questions well enough.

  • I could not get the MD to order a laxative fast enough.

  • I could not get someones heart rate low enough.

  • I could not get someone blood thinned in therapeutic range.

  • I could not get my patient to eat enough and the disgusting daughter from mars managed to the eat the patients pureed baby food trays fast enough (nasty)

  • And the prize winner: Missing Carafate from the pyxis machine–(it was not in the right place and I never saw it) –and the forgotten extra pillow.

  • jane-of-the-jungle.jpg

That was me again. Ahh…but was saved and supported by the Weekenders, both day shift and night shift.

Who actually take the time to teach and help.  The teaching is important. I need to learn so that I do not feel like a trained monkey!

I felt special! (I think I need to work on the esteem issues) Seriously it is hard to have a high self esteem when you try really hard to make sick people happy, or feel better all day and sometimes, it just does not work! Obviously it can not always work because if everything was peachy they would not be here in the first place! 

So thank you! Nurses who help new nurses gain from others experiences!





20 Aug


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