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up to speed

7 Oct

Since everything has basically gone paperless at the greatest community hospital in the world aka where I work, I wonder when and who is going to bring some of the physicians up to speed. Dr. Wants To Be Spoon Fed by the nurse who is on my annoying doctor list (the list is not that big really) stands far far away from nurse Jane, yells across the nurses station, “What medications is the patient on?”. I say “it is in the computer” so of course he does not go to the computer to look, he fills out the discharge medications section: same meds as at home and leaves. Really? The patient was on coumadin and came in with a hemoglobin of 5 bleeding out the rectum and he writes same meds as at home? Now in total irritation and major frustration I have to call him on his cell phone and read the list of medications from the computer and take telephone orders for the discharge medications to be totally compliant with the discharge policy and to prevent the patient from actually following those instructions.