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he has hemorrhoids

26 Oct

While skating on IV poles down the floors all tired at work and wishing I was home napping, or that someone would come in and work the rest of my stable shift I get a phone call from my favorite man nurse.  I was so happy to see his name on my phone as I thought: Yesss he will come in and work for me !

He calls wondering why I was not at work the day before which was my usual scheduled shift and to tell me how terribly upset he was that I was not there working with him because

He worked twelve point five hours without me suffering because

He has hemorrhoids !

And apparently they are bothering him something awful and he had no one at work to talk to about this discomfort all day and he was feeling kind of lonely about it.

Talk about a whole other level of comfort. wow. Does he want me to give him a suppository or something?