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Stormy night

24 Jul

It is storming and I just love to sit and listen to the thunder crack and roar, and rumble above the rooftop.

I haven’t been able to write much lately.  I suppose I am starting to see a lot of the same patterns again and again. Some admits to tele that do not need to be on tele and the rest that need be in ICU. A few in the middle are truly patients that have cardiac problems. I hope my poetry is not drying up!  I need this storm shower.

Cool Old Video

4 Jul

Sunny Day at the Beach.

2 Jul

It is much better at the beach when you add a little sunshine.  I had one of those days today. I started working weekends only, which means I work 3 days in a row over the weekend and have 4 days off in a row. I am not used to working 3 days in a row every week.  It is hard! The nice part is the 4 days off. It is sunglasses, beach towels, umbrellas, and yes, sand in between my toes today.

I had two strenuous weekends in a row–I am trying to recover.