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Happy EMS week

17 May

Veins by soono

This makes me think that we are trees inside. We all do have roots. I am looking at the tree through the window.  Think about your chest. There is a bronchial tree inside of all of us.

Is the heart our sun feeding the lung tree?

In some ancient poem somewhere, a line reads like this:  Be careful what the heart desires, for all the limbs respond to its command.

This post is not about my heart fetish. It is about Happy EMS week!

I found out about EMS week at the Life Under the Lights site. I read the post: A Slap in the Face to Paramedics Everywhere?

Paramedics and the entire system that is the EMS deserve to have their separate respect delivered, acknowledged and promoted.

This post is dedicated to the EMS. I love you. Thanks for the #18s on the GI bleeding patient that you responded to passed out on the floor out there in the pre-hospital house.

Now come get me, and take me for a ride in your band-aid box!


4 May


I like few kinds of jewelery.  I like sparkly crystal bracelets. I like anklets. I like 3 ring bondage bracelets too. I usually don’t wear necklaces, and rings are annoying. I sometimes wear earrings.  I really like the necklace made out of Scrabble pieces, I wish I would have thought of making that! I would use the letter X in there somehow.

Anyway Doctor-Gus is a jewelry maker, and I found some interesting pieces displayed on his deviantART site if you are into adornments such as this.


I am as comfortable working on the telemetry floor. My work friends listen to my medical analogy diuresis filling the word drainage bag :  Time to go administer the 1700 hour Lasix dose and drop the preload, just as I will drop my own preload in the shower as I vasodilate myself with hot water. 


I don’t want cardioversion!  Just control my rate with beta-blockers!